director: jade li
camera: thorsten schönrade
production: ifs cologne

Making of photo: Maren Radau
Model: Jessica Laqua
Direction: Lucia Faust
Production: ifs Cologne
Back Painting: Laura de Baptistis
#casestudy #kostümbild #pinoccio #luciafaust #vegasbaby #fuchs #foxylady #70s

link: www.filmschule.de/bildergalerien/weiterbildung-kostuembild-fotoshooting-pinocchio
COSTUME assistant
ANTAGONIST @ the fringe festival vancouver 2016
costume: liane jacob
hair & makeup: michelle werner
director: matt clarke
production: little mountain lion vancouver
starring: mark ferns | sean amsing | laura ross | david lloydy | david papp | emma cawood |
venue: the cultch theater
#silly #funny #weird

link: http://www.littlemountainlionproductions.com/blog/the-heroes-behind-the-scenes-of-the-antagonist


photo: anne koch
model: brunhild koch
hair & make up: berit stüven
assistant: dagmar oldenburg

link: annekoch-fotografie.de/blog/
SYTLING set/scout/ 1st assistant
Short Movie . Imagefilm for #hotrodcitytouribiza
director/camera/editor: joern falldorf
venue: ibiza españa

link: joernfalldorf.com
STYLING assistant
photos: alexandra kleve
styling: stephanie wüstemann
hair & makeup: heike ax
models: giselle | holly | jahnoa | matteo

link: lunamag.de

'Die Hamletmaschine' - Heiner Müller
starring: anna gesewsky // gabriel kähler //
direction: sophia barthelmes // dramaturgy: franziska eisele // costumes: dennis peschke, maria f. jacob // stage: anja zihlmann //video: jelena pavlovic // music: julian strauch
photos: andreas schlieter

link: thalia-theater.de/de/spielplan/repertoire/block-a/
COSTUME assistant

... from a 'c-utopia'
dancer: yun-s un park // miljana vracaric // alexandre riabko // luca andrea tessarini
direction: lizhong wang // costumes: dennis peschke // music: olafur arnalds //
production: john neumeier
venue: staatsoper hamburg . opera stabile

link: hamburgballett.de
STYLING assistant

NICKY ROMERO music clip
costume: shelly rankin
venue: castle of good hope . capetown . southafrica

link: sixlove.co.za/pages/stylist/shelly_rankin
COSTUME dresser

ALADDIN musical
production: stage entertainment
venue: neue flora hamburg

fittings, taking care of the actors and costumes in the show and rehearsals, organization and maintenance of the costume store, acquisition of smaller repairs, providing costumes and uniforms in day services

COSTUME assistant

christine: luise hansen // raoul: sebastian kreuzer // phantom: tim maas // conférencier/ joker: sebastian römer // concept: christoph faulhaber //
direction: martin mutschler // dramaturgy: rené michaelsen // costumes & props: dennis peschke, maria jacob // stage: christoph faulhaber // musical interventions and management: benjamin scheuer // technical facility: thomas gimpel, dennis flügge // live video: robert falckenberg
photos: andreas schlieter

link: kampnagel.de/de/programm/das-phantom/?datum=&id_datum=3823


photo: bastian bochinski
illustration: nick kater // bläckfisk berlin
material: segeltuch & tauwerk recycled

handcrafted in hammerbrooklyn.

link: bastianbochinski.de

photo: daniel nückel

hair & make up: gudrun müller
model: ricarda by SPIN
fashion: rita in palma

link: www.danielnueckel.com

artwork: carl maria + maria

ABOUT RADRACE >> "Our mission: Stop Racism - Start Raceism! We don't care about your skin color, religion, sex or national origin - which solely and alone counts is the wheel. Put away your prejudices. Whether racing bike, singlespeed, fixie, mountain bike or tricycle. The best you are going so fast that you then no longer even know who you are at all and where you came from! We have 10 friends with a big dream: an own racing series and the own bike clothes." (rad-race.com)

link: radrace.merchcowboy.com/apparel/t-shirt-corrosive.html
Let me tell you something about the HANSEATISCHE MATERIALVERWALTUNG ...
... this you should know especially if you are working with theater, art, culture or in other creative fields. The HMV is a non-profit fund. Here quality props and scenery of great theaters/ film sets and appropriate material - which were previously thrown away - is collected and managed.
The Hanseatische Materialverwaltung aka. Hansematz and its people is very important to me. Not only because it presents a kind of second living room at times but of course also for my job working with props an costume - just in regard to the criteria of the green film initiative. If time permits I help here on an honorary basis. The Hanseatische Materialverwaltung builds on volunteering since currently no personnel costs may be covered. Besides that the HMV directed mainly at non-profit projects that lend their props at very favorable conditions. All in all the HMV have not yet covered all running costs since the beginning 2 years ago. Therefore until 30 June 2015 the Hanseatische Materialveraltung is running a crowdfunding to close the resource gap and continues to inspire creative people.


I strongly urge you to your support!

link: nordstarter.org/einfundusfueralle
COSTUME assistant | SET styling
SHORTMOVIE 'diese vage idee von freiheit'
costume: noemi spielmann
director: benjamin shachman
camera: florian kirchler
starring: arash marandi


product photography


link: motion-fashion.de
COSTUME assistant

Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg

director: ron zimmering
costume: dennis peschke

Schürzinger: Olaf Becker // Rauch: Oliver Chomik // Karoline: Franziska Hartmann // Karoline: Anne Hoffmann // Merkel, Franz: Manuel Krstanovic // Kasimir: Felix Lampert // Speer: Johannes Moss // Jonas/Gast: Jonas Riemer // Kasimir: Michael Pietsch // Karoline: Lissa Schwerm // Erna: Anja Taschenberg

link: schauspielhaus.de/de_DE/repertoire/kasimir_und_karoline_ein_klassentreffen.1052351
COSTUME assistant

RED BULL video clip

costume: konstantinos gkoumpetis
director: arabella bartsch
camera: tobias koppe
production: paul ohmert

link: not for public

photo: jana van de boldt
hair & make up: caroline torbahn
model: nina m4models
fashion: ready to dare | kennel schmenger
jewelry: nietfeld hamburg


KARLOTTA ARNOLD for fashioners magazin

photo: felix rachor
hair & makeup: cara lena schmidt

link: magazin.fashioners.de/search/label/Promi-Fashion
COSTUME assistant

COR music video clip
costume: kathrin frahm
director: younes marquardt
camera: philip matousek
production: mädchenfilm
photos: christian thiele

COSTUME dresser

production: stage entertainment
venue: theater an der elbe hamburg

STYLING assistant

TOM TAILOR Catalog 2015- 2016
photo: rené stocker
props: petra sommer
art direction: benjamin stewner
production: ADA austria

link: vimeo.com/145369187
'Die zerschlissenen Kleider des Betram G.' - 'The tattered clothes of Bertram G.'
Actually, I want to focus on costume, design and styling - but the story of the 'ragged clothes of Bertram G.' have given me the opportunity to make improvements now on garments. Alteration MFJ waterkant. Pleasant. Not only because I can understand that you can build great attachment to a garment (materiality, history, love ...) and I prefer to wear vintage but also because to me, sustainability is the biggest hurdle at work.

Who is Bertram G.? He is the man with the greatest love of his clothes and therefore a great model for sustainable textile consumption - ask him yourself.

link: peppermintcircus.com/artist/bertram-gunkel
photo: philipp pohl
hair & make up: lydia castejon
model: katharina chiao-li

link: philipp-pohl.de/portfolio-post/ethno-beauty/
photo: mikesh kaos
hair & make up: lydia castejon
hatter: captn crop
model: laura sophie dominick

link: vimeo.com/mfjwaterkant/atwork
COSTUME assistant

TELEKOM video clip

comedian: matze knop
director: brit hasbach
camera: tobias knop
production: nordisch production 2014

link: not for public

telekom imagefilm
director: guido weihermüller
camera: felix storp
production: nordisch production 2014

link: vimeo.com/mfjwaterkant/telekomimagevid
product DESIGN consulting

director: johannes bachstaedter
camera: adam dawla
production: GIZ bangladesh

Four participants of the ASA program were sent to Bangladesh in 2013 to develop future concepts for the Women Cafes, centers for workers of the ready-made garments industry. These centers provide legal advice to the workers as well as training on labour law, overtime calculation, benefits and much more. The four ASA-participants developed a three way approach together with the NGOs to secure financial independence from foreign donors and to gain an even larger impact of the Women Cafes. First, the business model of the women cafes was revised to find possibilities for improvement regarding cost, location, organizational system etc. The main concept of raising funds for the Women Cafes was a clothing production based on waste garments of the Bangladeshi industry. Additionally, as a third approach, the idea of creating daycare centers inside the women café premises funded by the factory owners and Buyers was evolved with the first two pilot daycare centers opened in march 2014.

link: vimeo.com/mfjwaterkant/womencafesbangladesh


Episode I - scripted reality
first broadcast 2013: SAT. 1
production: schwartzkopff TV

link: sat1.de/tv/mein-dunkles-geheimnis